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Get the edge you need to take your golf game to the next level. Discover how Theragun's on-the-spot deep muscle treatment primes your body for precision, performance, and a more powerful swing.

From beginners to scratch golfers to pro tour champions, Theragun is maximizing the performance and recovery of golfers at every level.

Learn more about Founder & CEO Dr. Jason Wersland.

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Pros and regular golfers alike will greatly benefit from integrating Theragun’s percussive massage therapy devices as an essential part of fitness routines, aiding in range of motion, swing speed, faster recovery and injury prevention, including the healing and prevention of golfers' elbow.

What is percussive
massage THERApY?

Dr. Jason created percussive therapy to increase blood flow and decrease tension deep within the muscle.

Theragun Percussive Therapy


- 16mm (1/2 in.) of deep muscle treatment

- 40 percussions per minute

- Up to 60 lbs of no-stall force

Theragun percussive therapy reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager.


the benefits

Increase blood flow

Increase flexibility, mobility and range of motion

Decrease inflammation

Decrease muscle soreness and stiffness

Accelerate warm-up

Improve recovery

Minimise muscle fatigue

Enhance sleep


It’s Like Having Dr. Jason in Your Pocket With Customised Wellness Protocols.

Personalised Wellness Routines

Integration with Major Health Apps 

(Apple Health, Google Fit & Samsung Health)

Control Speed and Monitor Force

Device Connection via Bluetooth ®

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theragun golf coach paddy orr.jpg


There is a lot of information to take in and you will only feel the true benefit of the Theragun by using it.

So why not book in for a TESTER SESSION or a non-obligation FREE TRIAL for 7 days.


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